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LSC champions the use of innovative technology by legal aid providers to provide efficient, effective, and high-quality assistance to eligible Americans.

With additional support for technology innovations, LSC is able to help legal aid programs:

  • Develop, test and replicate technologies that improve client access to high quality legal information.
  • Support the work of pro bono attorneys.
  • Build program capacities.

Integrated Service-Delivery System

Technology can play a vital role in enabling the provision of some level of legal assistance to all people living in poverty in the United States when they need it. An Integrated Service-Delivery System (ISDS) will create a platform giving every state a statewide online access point for persons seeking assistance with a civil legal issue. The portal employs a sophisticated algorithm to direct the user to an appropriate type of assistance for the user’s need. The system will employ a document-assembly application for court-approved forms using “smart document” tags and will be linked to a website for access to detailed information about the legal principles and terms underlying the form. The portal will also link to legal aid programs, pro bono lawyers, court self-help centers, libraries, and courts’ electronic filing and fee paying systems.

Technology Replication Fund

For thirteen years, LSC has made grants to civil legal aid programs to create innovations in technology that result in more efficient and effective client services. Those innovations can be expensive to replicate in other markets. LSC wants to create a Replication Fund that will capitalize on LSC’s renowned Technology Innovation Grants and support grantees in taking successful innovations and expanding them in other areas of the country to reach more clients.