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LSC’s goal is to amplify the work of legal aid programs by providing training and resources, and by boosting public awareness of the need for civil legal aid.

LSC will help its grantees expand, excel and better provide the services that are so crucial to our most vulnerable citizens with initiatives that:

  • Build ground-breaking pro bono projects
  • Make programs more effective through research
  • Raise awareness of the need for civil legal aid for low-income Americans

Pro Bono Innovation Fund

In the face of great demand combined with budgetary pressures on legal aid programs, one critical means of increasing the supply of legal services is through assistance from pro bono counsel. The Pro Bono Innovation Fund supports projects that promote and enhance pro bono initiatives by providing special grants to create new partnerships and operationalize pro bono programs across the country.

Data-Driven Programming

LSC seeks to develop its capacity to collect and analyze essential data that will inform the legal aid community, policy makers, educators, and the public on issues currently affecting the civil legal system and those who need to access it. This data will enable LSC and its grantees to improve the quality of services through evidence-based practices.

Public Awareness

Most Americans are unaware that they are not entitled to a lawyer in civil cases. Most are not aware that they can lose their home, their benefits, their children, and their personal safety, all without an attorney present. LSC will work with stakeholders to raise awareness of the justice gap in our country.