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In recent years, federal funding for legal aid programs has fallen while the number of Americans eligible for civil legal aid has skyrocketed.

Fellowship programs help meet this growing need by:

  • Providing critical services to clients in need.
  • Engaging a new group of lawyers with civil legal aid.
  • Helping organize and extend pro bono efforts in communities.

Rural Legal Summer Corps

Legal services in rural areas face even more challenges because of distance, access to transportation, and lack of public awareness. LSC aims to launch a Rural Legal Summer Corps of law students trained in poverty law and dedicated to increasing the availability of legal services to low-income people in rural areas.

Senior Pro Bono Fellows

The number of ‘baby-boom’ attorneys retiring or leaving traditional legal practice in the coming years will provide a huge opportunity for senior legal practitioners to use their wealth of knowledge and experience to help civil legal aid programs in need. Fellows will work with pro bono lawyers, engage with local firms and corporate legal departments, and promote sustainable pro bono systems within grantee organizations.